Arts (the School of Culture and Society) and Social Sciences scholars from BSS develop research at ARC in various areas:

Arctic governance in global context, in connection with the research group INTRALAW. Research themes include the legal and political nexus between Greenland, Denmark and the EU, the EU Arctic policy, China’s role in the governance of the Arctic region, environmental policies, energy policies and natural resources governance, good governance and transparency, the globalized Arctic and the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). 

Circumpolar adaptations in ecological perspective : the aim is to analyse the drivers of Arctic adaptations in a historical perspective, and to assess to what extent formal comparative methods borrowed from biology can be used to understand the evolution of Arctic societies.

Cultural resilience. Research activities focus on the socio-environmental impacts of climate change and resource extraction in Greenland, and on the assessment of  indigenous territoriality and user rights in the context of the Self-rule government.