International Conference on Arctic Science

Conference "Bringing Knowledge to Action" organized by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP)

2016.07.07 | Susanna Pakkasmaa

Date Mon 24 Apr Thu 27 Apr
Time 08:00    17:00
Location Reston, Virginia, USA

Bringing knowledge to action

The 2017 International Conference on Arctic Science will bring together expert communities ranging from scientists to decision-makers in order to identify, explore and create mechanisms and venues where science and knowledge can inform the development of policies and decision-making.

The Conference will provide a venue for dialogue, discussion and networking. It will promote timely and effective response to the need to translate science to knowledge and knowledge into actions.

The Conference follows the science to decision-making process, which is a dynamic and iterative process of bringing science into a form of knowledge, and knowledge into actions that better inform all types of decision-making.

Keynote presentations showcase key scientific findings from Arctic Council Working Groups:

  • Climate Impacts on Arctic Environments and Ecosystems: Global Feedbacks, Arctic Cryosphere Change, Implications for Biodiversity; Ocean Acidification, Sea-Level Rise
  • Arctic Pollution Issues: Contaminants and Radioactivity Temporal Trends and Effects; Chemicals of Emerging Concern
  • The Consequences of Climate Change, Pollution and Vector Borne Diseases on Food Security and Human Health
  • Socio-Economic Implications of a Changing Arctic: Adaptation Actions, Energy Supply, Resilience, Indigenous and Local Perspectives
  • What does The Paris Agreement (COP-21) mean for the Arctic? 


If you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to the AMAP Secretariat at

Abstract submission

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