2018.05.30 | Arctic Research Centre

The Holocene retreat dynamics and stability of Petermann Glacier in northwest Greenland

New publication by Martin Jakobsson, Kelly A. Hogan, Larry A. Mayer, Alan Mix, Anne Jennings, Joe Stoner, Björn Eriksson, Kevin Jerram, Rezwan Mohammad, Christof Pearce, Brendan Reilly & Christian Stranne

2018.05.30 | Arctic Research Centre

Species identification and connectivity of marine amphipods in Canada's three oceans

New publication by Astrid Tempestini, Søren Rysgaard, and France Dufresne

2018.05.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Microplastic does not magnify the acute effect of PAH pyrene on predatory performance of a tropical fish (Lates calcarifer)

New publication by Olga Guven, Lis Bach, Peter Munk, Khuong Van Dinh, Patrizio Mariani, Torkel Gissel Nielsen

2018.05.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Implementation and validation of the ISMAR High Frequency Coastal Radar Network in the Gulf of Manfredonia (Mediterranean Sea)

New publication by Lorenzo Paolo Corgnati, Carlo Mantovani, Annalisa Griffa, Maristella Berta, Pierluigi Penna, Paolo Celentano, Lucio Bellomo, Daniel F. Carlson, and Raffaele D’Adamo

2018.05.24 | Arctic Research Centre

General description of the BBDS region. / Adaptation Actions for a Changing Arctic: Perspectives from the Baffin Bay/Davis Strait Region.

New publication by Tanya Brown, David Boertmann, Rikke Bekker Jacobsen and Carl Barette

2018.05.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Is there a Place for Faith in Anthropology? Religion, Reason and the Ethnographer’s Divine Revelation

New publication by Rane Willerslev and Christian Suhr

Photo: Søren Rysgaard

2018.05.17 | Arctic Research Centre

The Inferred Formation of a Subice Platelet Layer Below the Multiyear Landfast Sea Ice in the Wandel Sea (NE Greenland) Induced by Meltwater Drainage

New publication by S. Kirillov, I. Dmitrenko, S. Rysgaard, D. Babb, J. Ehn, J. Bendtsen, W. Boone, D. Barber, N. Geilfus

2018.05.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Instability of the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream over the last 45,000 years

New publication by Nicolaj K. Larsen, Laura B. Levy, Anders E. Carlson, Christo Buizert, Jesper Olsen, Astrid Strunk, Anders A. Bjørk & Daniel S. Skov.

Foto: Knud Falk

2018.05.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Et Arktis i forvandling kræver planlægning

Øget skibstrafik, mindre fangst, flere turister, vildere vejr med flere ulykker til følge og invasion af nye arter. Det er nogle af de problemer, Grønland står over for i fremtiden. En ny rapport giver nu gode råd til at håndtere forandringerne.

2018.05.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Graduate Opportunities in Arctic Science

Applications are invited for graduate work at the Master’s and PhD level within the Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) ( at the University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

A sun dog is seen behind the equipment to measure GEM flux on top of Flyger’s hut at Villum Research Station in North Greenland.

2018.05.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Fluxes of gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) in the High Arctic during atmospheric mercury depletion events (AMDEs)

New publication by Jesper Kamp, Henrik Skov, Bjarne Jensen, and Lise Lotte Sørensen

Photo: Jesper Stentoft

2018.05.08 | Arctic Research Centre

Persistent organic pollutants and penile bone mineral density in East Greenland and Canadian polar bears (Ursus maritimus) during 1996–2015

New publication by Tobias Daugaard-Petersen, Rikke Langebæk, Frank F. Rigét, Markus Dyck, Robert J. Letcher, Lars Hyldstrup, Jens-Erik Bech Jensen, Rune Dietz, and Christian Sonne

2018.05.08 | Arctic Research Centre

Regions of open water and melting sea ice drive new particle formation in North East Greenland

New publication by M. Dall´Osto, C. Geels, D. C. S. Beddows, D. Boertmann, R. Lange, J. K. Nøjgaard, Roy. M. Harrison, R. Simo, H. Skov & A. Massling

2018.04.30 | Arctic Research Centre

Structure-Dependent in Vitro Metabolism of Alkyl-Substituted Analogues of Triphenyl Phosphate in East Greenland Polar Bears and Ringed Seals.

New publication by Adelle Strobel, Robert J. Letcher, William G. Willmore, Christian Sonne, and Rune Dietz.

2018.04.30 | Arctic Research Centre

Non-native Fish Occurrence and Biomass in 1943 Western Palearctic Lakes and Reservoirs and their Abiotic and Biotic Correlates.

New publication by Carolina Trochine, Sandra Brucet, Christine Argillier, Ignasi Arranz, Meryem Beklioglu, Lluís Benejam, Teresa Ferreira, Trygve Hesthagen, Kerstin Holmgren, Erik Jeppesen, Fiona Kelly, Teet Krause, Martti Rask, Pietro Volta, Ian J. Winfield, Thomas Mehner

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