2018.08.30 | Arctic Research Centre

Summer meltwater and spring sea ice primary production, light climate and nutrients in an Arctic estuary, Kangedussuaq, west Greenland

New publication by Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen, Ian Hawes, Morten Holtegaard Nielsen, Ingela Dahllof, and Brian K. Sorrell

2018.08.30 | Arctic Research Centre

Assessment and improvement of the sea ice processing for dissolved inorganic carbon analysis

New publication by Yu-Bin Hu, Feiyue Wang, Wieter Boone, David Barber, and Søren Rysgaard

2018.08.29 | Arctic Research Centre

Extreme Low Light Requirement for Algae Growth Underneath Sea Ice: A Case Study From Station Nord, NE Greenland

New publication by Kasper Hancke, Lars C. Lund-Hansen, Maxim L. Lamare, Stine Hojlund Pedersen, Martin D. King, Per Andersen, and Brian K. Sorrell

2018.08.29 | Arctic Research Centre

Validation of cardiovascular diagnoses in the Greenlandic Hospital Discharge Register for epidemiological use

New publication by Maria Tvermosegaard, Pernille Falberg Ronn, Michael Lynge Pedersen, Peter Bjerregaard, and Inger Dahl Pedersen

2018.08.29 | Arctic Research Centre

Hepatic and renal histology and mercury concentrations of North West and North East Greenland narwhals (Monodon monoceros)

New publication by Christian Sonne, Pall S. Leifsson, Jens Sondergaard, and Rune Dietz

2018.08.29 | Arctic Research Centre

Global phenological insensitivity to shifting ocean temperatures among seabirds

New publication by Katharine Keogan, Francis Daunt, Sarah Wanless, Richard A. Phillips, Craig A. Walling, Philippa Agnew, David G. Ainley, Tycho Anker-Nilssen, Grant Ballard, Robert T. Barrett, Kerry J. Barton, Claus Bech, Peter Becker, Per-Arvid Berglund, Loïc Bollache, Alexander L. Bond, Sandra Bouwhuis, Russell W. Bradley, Zofia M. Burr, Kees…

2018.08.29 | Arctic Research Centre

Many Arctic pollutants decrease after market removal and regulation

Levels of some persistent organic pollutants (POPs) regulated by the Stockholm Convention are decreasing in the Arctic, according to an international team of researchers who have been actively monitoring the northern regions of the globe.

2018.08.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Characterization of distinct Arctic aerosol accumulation modes and their sources

New publication by R. Lange, M. Dall’Osto, H. Skov, J.K. Nøjgaard, I.E. Nielsen, D.C.S. Beddows, R. Simo, R.M. Harrison and A. Massling.

2018.08.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Rejsestipendier til Arctic Circle Assembly 2018

Styrelsen for Forskning og Uddannelse har åbnet for ansøgninger fra danske, grønlandske og færøske forskerstuderende til rejsestipendier til Arctic Circle-konferencen d. 19.-21. oktober 2018 i Reykjavik, Island. Ansøgningsfristen er mandag den 3. september 2018.

2018.08.15 | Arctic Research Centre

A Comparative Study on the Faecal Bacterial Community and Potential Zoonotic Bacteria of Muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus) in Northeast Greenland, Northwest Greenland and Norway.

New publication by Emilie U. Andersen-Ranberg, Christopher J. Barnes, Linett Rasmussen, Alejandro Salgado-Flores, Carsten Grøndahl, Jesper B. Mosbacher, Anders J. Hansen, Monica Alterskjær Sundset, Niels Martin Schmidt and Christian Sonne.

2018.08.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Mandibular shape in farmed Arctic foxes (Vulpes lagopus) exposed to persistent organic pollutants.

New publication by Madison M. Bradley, Megan Perra, Øystein Ahlstrøm, Bjørn M. Jenssen, Even H. Jørgensen, Eva Fuglei, Derek C.G. Muir and Christian Sonne.

2018.08.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Somateria mollissima) body condition and parasitic load during a mortality event in the Baltic Proper.

New publication by Svend-Erik Garbus, Peter Lyngs, Jens Peter Christensen, Kurt Buchmann, Igor Eulaers, Anders Mosbech, Rune Dietz, H. Grant Gilchrist and Christian Sonne.

2018.08.14 | Arctic Research Centre

Summer school 2018: “Effects of climate change on Arctic livelihoods and living conditions”

Our Arctic Summer School, which took place I Greenland and Iceland in July 2018, was a big success.

2018.08.07 | Arctic Research Centre

Rediscovering lessons of adaptation from the past

New publication by Rowan C. Jackson, Andrew J. Dugmore, and Felix Riede

2018.08.07 | Arctic Research Centre

Subpolar North Atlantic sea surface temperature since 6 ka BP: Indications of anomalous ocean-atmosphere interactions at 4-2 ka BP

New publication by Lisa Claire Orme, Arto Miettinen, Dmitry Divine, Katrine Husum, Christof Pearce, Nicolas Van Nieuwenhove, Andreas Born, Rahul Mohan, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz

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