2016.01.29 | Arctic Research Centre

Funding opportunities: north2north for staff, faculty and students

Apply north2north exchange funding by 15 February 2016

Safety course. Photo Lise Lotte Sørensen.

2016.01.27 | Arctic Research Centre

New students start in Nuuk in February

Specialisation in Arctic affairs gives students the opportunity to give their education an Arctic touch

Methane emission monitoring in a wetland at Zackenberg, North-Eastern Greenland. Photo Charlotte Sigsgaard.

2016.01.14 | Arctic Research Centre

Methane leakage in California – how will it impact the climate?

Professor Torben R Christensen interviewed on DR1

Jakob Sievers doing field work in Greenland

2016.01.06 | Arctic Research Centre

New postdoc at ARC

Jakob Sievers will study CO2 uptake in the Nordic seas and the Greenlandic shelf.

2015.12.22 | Arctic Research Centre

ARC newsletter December 2015

Read the new ARC newsletter online Subscribe the newsletter here

Field work in Greenland. Photo Sofia Ribeiro

2015.12.21 | Arctic Research Centre

Sediment cores reveal climate change

Sofia Ribeiro studies climate and environmental history in Greenland

2015.12.09 | Arctic Research Centre

The organiser of Matchpoints awarded by Aarhus municipality

Associate professor Michael Böss from the School of Communication and Culture and Arctic Research Centre received an award from the mayor of Aarhus.

Greenlandic town. Photo by Cécile Pelaudeix

2015.12.09 | Arctic Research Centre

Scientists gather to discuss Arctic under shadow of changing climate

ARC participates in the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting in Vancouver 7-11 December

Lis Bach collecting mussels which can be used to monitor the environmental impact of mining.

2015.12.01 | Arctic Research Centre

Exclusive jewelry supports environmental monitoring in Greenland

Environmental monitoring ensures that mining does not lead to accumulation of metals in nature

2015.11.30 | Arctic Research Centre

United Nations conference on climate change opens 30 November

ARC participates in the Nordic Universities side event "The Arctic is resourceful and fragile - treasure it" in COP21

2015.11.27 | Arctic Research Centre

ARC is moving

Arctic Research Centre is moving to a new location in the campus on Tuesday 1 December 2015. Our new address is Ny Munkegade 114, building 1540. The phone numbers remain the same.

Carbon dioxide emissions from boreal lakes and wetlands increase with increasing temperatures. Photo: Peter Bondo Christensen

2015.11.10 | Arctic Research Centre

Lakes release an increasing amount of carbon dioxide in a warmer world

A wet chimney. This is how many of the world’s approximately 117 million lakes work by releasing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere in large quantities. The world’s lakes, rivers and reservoirs release a quantity of carbon dioxide equal to one quarter of the total CO2 release from fossil fuels.

2015.11.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Funding opportunities

Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies invites applications for fellowships

Matt Walsh with a bone disk from Simushir-Etnier.

2015.11.03 | People

New postdoc at ARC

Matthew Walsh started as a postdoctoral researcher at Arctic Research Center on 1 November.

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