2016.02.25 | Arctic Research Centre

ARC PhD student Jean-Pierre Desforges receives EliteForsk travel grant

Ministry of Higher Education and Science awards talented researchers

2016.02.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Job vacancy: Scientist in oceanography in Greenland

The Greenland Climate Research Centre invites applications for a position in biological or physical oceanography. The candidate should have a track record of internationally acknowledged research and extensive knowledge about the Arctic.

Curious polar bear inspecting the instruments on sea ice in Northern Greenland. Photo Jakob Sievers.

2016.02.22 | Arctic Research Centre

CO2 exchange between the ocean and the atmosphere

Findings based on field experiments in Northeast Greenland

2016.02.16 | Arctic Research Centre

EU-PolarNet online consultation

EU-PolarNet needs your input to the compilation of research priorities and related societal challenges

2016.02.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Arctic researchers propose plan to monitor Baffin Bay

"There is an urgent need to increase our understanding of how changes in the Arctic affect the North Atlantic”, says Søren Rysgaard from ARC.

2016.02.09 | Arctic Research Centre

Job vacancy: Marine biologist in Greenland

Greenland Climate Research Centre is looking for a dedicated researcher with a background in marine biology

Lorenz Meire doing field work in Greenland.

2016.02.04 | Arctic Research Centre

The impact of glacial melting on Greenlandic fjords

Lorenz Meire will carry out his postdoctoral research at ARC

2016.02.01 | Arctic Research Centre

PhD and postdoctoral grants in Greenland

Greenland Institute of Natural Resources calls for applications

2016.01.29 | Arctic Research Centre

Funding opportunities: north2north for staff, faculty and students

Apply north2north exchange funding by 15 February 2016

Safety course. Photo Lise Lotte Sørensen.

2016.01.27 | Arctic Research Centre

New students start in Nuuk in February

Specialisation in Arctic affairs gives students the opportunity to give their education an Arctic touch

Methane emission monitoring in a wetland at Zackenberg, North-Eastern Greenland. Photo Charlotte Sigsgaard.

2016.01.14 | Arctic Research Centre

Methane leakage in California – how will it impact the climate?

Professor Torben R Christensen interviewed on DR1

Jakob Sievers doing field work in Greenland

2016.01.06 | Arctic Research Centre

New postdoc at ARC

Jakob Sievers will study CO2 uptake in the Nordic seas and the Greenlandic shelf.

2015.12.22 | Arctic Research Centre

ARC newsletter December 2015

Read the new ARC newsletter online Subscribe the newsletter here

Field work in Greenland. Photo Sofia Ribeiro

2015.12.21 | Arctic Research Centre

Sediment cores reveal climate change

Sofia Ribeiro studies climate and environmental history in Greenland

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