2015.06.16 | Arctic Research Centre

Zackenberg Research Station celebrates its 20th anniversary

In 1995, visionary researchers established the Zackenberg Research Station in North-East Greenland to monitor climate change in the area. Today – twenty years later – the climate change is precisely described in a unique data set.

Jakob Thyrring, Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University, has previously shared his knowledge. Here he talks about Arctic mussels to a TV crew from TV2 (photo: Peter Bondo/Aarhus University).
PhD student Jakob Thyrring conducting fieldwork in northwest Greenland where he has collected hundreds of samples (Photo: Martin Blicher/Greenland Institute of Natural Resources).

2015.06.12 | Arctic Research Centre

Prestigious international award to PhD student from the Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University

When Jacob Thyrring this week takes his seat in the flight deck on board AA-6535 with Washington as destination, he is flying in more than one sense. The talented PhD student participates as the only Danish representative in the large-scale and three-week long 'International visitor leadership program' in the United States.

2015.06.12 | Arctic Research Centre

9 videnskabelige opdagelser fra det nordøstligste Grønland

Forskningsstationen Zackenberg fejrer 20 års jubilæum – her er 9 opdagelser man har gjort deroppe. (

2015.05.26 | Arctic Research Centre

north2north exchange funding available from and to Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese to other north2north members of UArctic

UArctic’s north2north program launches a second call for Danish, Greenlandic and Faroese north2north scholarships for both outbound and inbound students.

2015.05.19 | Arctic Research Centre

New EU-PolarNet website

EU-PolarNet is the world’s largest consortium of expertise and infrastructure for polar research. Seventeen countries are represented by 22 of Europe’s internationally-respected multi-disciplinary research institutions.

Chukchi and his reindeer. Photo: Jeanette Lykkegard
It is a job for women to clean the reindeer intestine, here is Jeanette at work.

2015.05.07 | Arctic Research Centre

The ancestors within you

Who am I? From whom have I inherited my personality? We often have difficulty understanding our complex personality traits and seek answers from coaches, psychologists and psychotherapists like never before. Anthropologist Jeanette Lykkegård has lived on the Siberian tundra among the Chukchi who have an interesting understanding of the cycle of…

2015.05.04 | Funding opportunities

Apply for funding to establish interdisciplinary networks

Researchers at AU can now apply for funding to establish innovative interdisciplinary research networks at the university. The deadline for application is 8 June 2015 at noon.

photo:Nicolas-Xavier Geilfus

2015.04.16 | Arctic Research Centre

Melt ponds aid CO2 sequestration from the atmosphere

A new study documents CO2 uptake in melt pond covered first year ice and estimate that these processes contribute with a carbon uptake of 10.4 Tg of C yr-1 in the Arctic.

2015.03.31 | Arctic Research Centre

New website brings together the Arctic research of the Danish realm

ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway is the name of a new Arctic web portal, which opens on April 8 and will be a dynamic tool for anyone working in the Arctic.

2015.03.27 | Environment, climate and energy

Glacial Outburst Floods in Greenland Discharge Mercury

Mercury contamination has long been a threat to animal carnivores and human residents in the Arctic. Mercury exports from river basins to the ocean form a significant component of the Arctic mercury cycle, and are consequently of importance in understanding and addressing this contamination.

2015.03.23 | Course, Arctic Research Centre

Livet som dansk studerende i Nuuk

Vi er fem studerende fra Danmark, der i dette semester er flyttet til Nuuk for at studere Arktiske forhold ved Grønlands Naturinstitut som en del af vores kandidatgrad.

2015.03.12 | Arctic Research Centre

Oil in ice: New research project initiated at ARC

A new research project seeks to improve our understanding of the environmental effects of oil contamination in the Arctic. The principal researcher of the project is Leendert Vergeynst who just started a 2-year postdoc period at Arctic Research Centre.

2015.03.10 | Conference

Call for papers: NACS-XI 2015

"A Land Shaped by Water: Perspectives on Canada", Turku, Finland, Wed 12 - Sat 15 August 2015

2015.03.02 | Arctic Research Centre

Solen påvirker klimaet mere i kølige perioder

Solens aktivitet er en vigtig faktor i det komplicerede samspil, der styrer vores klima. Nu viser ny forskning, at påvirkningen fra Solen ikke er konstant over tid, men har større betydning, når det er køligere på Jorden.

2015.03.02 | Arctic Research Centre

Call open until 31st March for European-based research groups for transnational access to four North-American sites in the INTERACT network

Two Canadian and two U.S. partners in INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic) open a call for transnational access for European-based research groups.

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