2015.12.09 | Arctic Research Centre

The organiser of Matchpoints awarded by Aarhus municipality

Associate professor Michael Böss from the School of Communication and Culture and Arctic Research Centre received an award from the mayor of Aarhus.

Greenlandic town. Photo by Cécile Pelaudeix

2015.12.09 | Arctic Research Centre

Scientists gather to discuss Arctic under shadow of changing climate

ARC participates in the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting in Vancouver 7-11 December

Lis Bach collecting mussels which can be used to monitor the environmental impact of mining.

2015.12.01 | Arctic Research Centre

Exclusive jewelry supports environmental monitoring in Greenland

Environmental monitoring ensures that mining does not lead to accumulation of metals in nature

2015.11.30 | Arctic Research Centre

United Nations conference on climate change opens 30 November

ARC participates in the Nordic Universities side event "The Arctic is resourceful and fragile - treasure it" in COP21

2015.11.27 | Arctic Research Centre

ARC is moving

Arctic Research Centre is moving to a new location in the campus on Tuesday 1 December 2015. Our new address is Ny Munkegade 114, building 1540. The phone numbers remain the same.

Carbon dioxide emissions from boreal lakes and wetlands increase with increasing temperatures. Photo: Peter Bondo Christensen

2015.11.10 | Arctic Research Centre

Lakes release an increasing amount of carbon dioxide in a warmer world

A wet chimney. This is how many of the world’s approximately 117 million lakes work by releasing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere in large quantities. The world’s lakes, rivers and reservoirs release a quantity of carbon dioxide equal to one quarter of the total CO2 release from fossil fuels.

2015.11.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Funding opportunities

Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies invites applications for fellowships

Matt Walsh with a bone disk from Simushir-Etnier.

2015.11.03 | People

New postdoc at ARC

Matthew Walsh started as a postdoctoral researcher at Arctic Research Center on 1 November.

Migrating birds. Photo Nicolas-Xavier Geilfus.

2015.10.20 | Knowledge exchange

New website about migratory animals in and around Greenland

A new website – – contains articles about land and marine mammals and seabirds that have been tagged with electronic transmitters in Greenland.

Arctic fritillary (Boloria chariclea) is one of the species included in the research. Photo Toke T. Høye

2015.10.09 | Arctic Research Centre

High-arctic butterflies shrink with rising temperatures

New research from Arctic Research Centre shows that butterflies in Greenland become smaller in response to increasing temperatures due to climate change

2015.10.08 | Arctic Research Centre

Community input solicited for EPB Strategic direction

The European Polar Board Strategy Action Group would like to solicit input from all EPB stakeholders regarding future strategic direction of the European Polar Board. Your views will help the Action Group to develop a clear vision of the objectives and expectations for EPB. Your feedback will form an important input for creating the next EPB…

2015.09.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Forging of cultures in the circumpolar North

The Arctic Research Center presents a number of prominent speakers ranging from different disciplines ranging from anthropology to biology and archaeology with a focuses such as ecosystem stabilities to health issues among arctic indigenous peoples. The symposium aims to explore interdisciplinary pathways for finding new answers to old question…

2015.08.18 | Arctic Research Centre

Global warming counteracts 1800 years of cooling

An international research team has shown that sea surface temperatures have been cooled down over a period of 1800 years, and that the cooling during the last 1000 years (from 800 to 1800) is presumably due to volcanic eruptions. The water was coldest during the Little Ice Age – i.e. before human-induced global warming cancelled out the cooling…

Forskere fra Arctic Research Centre på Aarhus Universitet har i maj boret kerner op af isbelagte søer i Finderup Land ved Station Nord. Foto: Nikolaj Krog Larsen/Polarfronten

2015.08.10 | Arctic Research Centre

En isstrøm vågner op

Den Nordøstgrønlandske Isstrøm har forholdt sig i ro frem til midten af 00’erne. Nu er den begyndt at sende store ismasser ud i havet, og da der er tale om den største isstrøm i Grønland, kan det komme til at påvirke havvandsstigningerne mærkbart i fremtiden. Forskerne har dog ikke styr på hvor meget.  Læs mere om dette og meget andet i seneste…

The bowhead whale with a calf  in the Northeast Water Polynya. Photo: Rasmus Due Nielsen

2015.07.25 | Arctic Research Centre

Large aggregation of bowhead whales discovered in the Northeast Water Polynya

During a survey of the Northeast Greenland walrus population in August 2009, several bowhead whales were observed in the Northeast Water Polynya. As the survey was done under strict systematic conditions, an abundance estimate in the area could be calculated. This resulted in astonishing 102 whales (95 % CI 32-329) and is the largest abundance of…

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