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Arctic Science Partnership meets in Winnipeg

Annual meeting summarizes the achievements in 2016 and makes plans for future collaboration

2016.11.29 | Susanna Pakkasmaa

ASP annual meeting 2015 took place in Vancouver.

On 1-2 December, the partners of Arctic Science Partnership, together with associated partners, gather to ASP annual team meeting in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The meeting takes place back-to-back to the ArcticNet annual scientific meeting, which is the largest Arctic conference in Canada.

The meeting will deliver reports of research activities and achievements in 2016 at each partner institute, and planning of upcoming activities, goals, roadmaps and collaboration in general.

ASP has had annual meetings since its establishment in 2012, and all teams – research, operations, education, administration, communications, and young scientists – will be present in Winnipeg.

“To be able to develop fruitful collaboration, I think it is essential to meet regularly”, says Education Coordinator Lise Lotte Sørensen from ARC. “In this meeting, the education team will focus on PhD education, and explore the possibilities for establishment of a joint PhD programme between the ASP partner institutions”, she says.

Another topic for the education team is student exchange: “We will also discuss student exchange – our students can apply mobility support from University of the Arctic, which makes exchange more feasible”, she explains.

Egon Frandsen is Logistics Coordinator at ARC, and his work is essential for successful implementation of field campaigns in remote Arctic areas. “I think it is important to meet to improve our cooperation”, says Egon Frandsen. “I also expect to learn more about the activities of the other teams”, he adds, pointing out the importance of information exchange between the teams to facilitate and integrate scientific cooperation between the ASP partners.

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