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Focus on Greenland

Danish Broadcasting Corporation has visited Greenland and talked with researchers from Aarhus University

2016.11.15 | Susanna Pakkasmaa

This week, Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) focuses on Greenland with a number of articles from Station Nord, featuring, among others, ARC researchers.

Signe Normand, Associate Professor at the Department of Bioscience, studies the effects of climate change on Arctic vegetation. Read the interview with Signe here.  

At Villum Research Station in North-eastern Greenland, polar researchers collaborate with the Danish Defence, and carry out  atmospheric, marine and terrestrial research. Read the article from Villum Research Station here.

Climate change has made northern Greenland accessible for geologists. Associate Professor Nicolaj Krog Larsen from the Department of Geoscience and colleagues study how the ice sheet responds to climate variations. Read the article on geological research in Northern Greenland here.




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