Two post-doc positions in experimental and modelling studies of atmospheric chemistry and sea-ice processes at the University of East Anglia

We are looking to recruit two Senior Research Associates (post-docs) for experimental and modelling studies of chemical, physical and biological processes related to sea-ice, the overlying atmosphere and underlying water using the highly instrumented Roland von Glasow Air-Sea-Ice-Chamber (RvG-ASIC,

2018.07.27 | Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen

The studies will be undertaken in the context of the Eurochamp-2020 project ( and the UK/German EISPAC (Effects of ice stressors and pollutants on the Arctic marine cryosphere; collaboration.

The work will focus on a range of aspects including

·       physical and chemical gas fluxes between sea-ice and ice-atmosphere interfaces

·       transport of chemicals and plastics in sea ice, atmosphere and ocean

·       contribution of sea ice melt to the delivery of nutrients and contaminants to marine surface waters, especially during the Arctic spring when biological activity in the surface ocean increases

·       optical properties of sea-ice in the UV-VIS range

·       atmospheric chemical reactions in air and at interfaces, e.g. emission and deposition of reactive nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at atmosphere-ice/snow interfaces

·       development of a RvG-ASIC chamber version of the boundary layer model MISTRA or other suitable models (e.g. LIM1D) and integration of the experimental findings into the model

The successful candidates will document the work in scientific reports, develop standard operation procedures, write scientific publications for international, peer-reviewed journals and present the work at national and international conferences, and to stakeholders and policymakers. There is scope to adapt or enhance the project in a direction of the SRAs' interests.

Requirements: You must have a minimum of a PhD in Environmental Science, Chemistry, Physics or equivalent independent research experience, together with evidence of publication(s) accepted in international scientific journals and be able to fulfil all essential elements of the person specification, which can be found by on the UEA web recruitment system (see links below).

There is scope to adapt or enhance the project in a direction of the SRA's interest.


Position 1: Senior Research Associate Part time (0.8 FTE) (RA1534)

"Experimental Atmospheric Chemistry and Sea-Ice Biogeochemistry"

£32,548 - £38,833 per annum, pro rata

Duration: 1 October to 30 November 2020 (fixed term; maximum: 26 months); part time (0.8 FTE)

For further details and to apply, please go to


Position 2: Senior Research Associate (RA1535)

"Modelling of Atmospheric Chemistry and Sea-Ice Biogeochemistry”

£32,548 - £38,833 per annum

Duration: 15 October to 31 October 2020 (fixed term; maximum 24.5 months)

For further details and to apply, please go to  

The application deadline is 21 August 2018; interviews to be held on Friday 31 August 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email ( or phone (+44 1603 593393).


Best wishes

Jan Kaiser

Arctic Research Centre