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Arctic spring semester 2019

The Arctic Science Study Programme (ASSP)

The Arctic Science Study Programme (ASSP) courses offered in Nuuk give your education an Arctic angle and provide you with first-hand experience of working in and with the climate, environment and communities of the Arctic. Together with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR), ARC offers five Arctic courses (total of 30 ECTS) focusing on climate in the spring semester, and two courses in the fall semester from ARC/GINR and one course from University of Copenhagen (total of 30 ECTS). All courses are on graduate level. How to apply.

The spring semester takes place in Nuuk, Greenland. As part of the course activity, we will have guest lectures from the local governance and from the local company ASIAQ (environment and climate survey). In order to attend the spring semester you should send a short letter of motivation to Lise Lotte Sørensen (lls@bios.au.dk). We will help finding accommodation in Nuuk for students and help applying for funding to cover accommodation and travel cost.

The four Arctic courses in the spring semester are: