Autumn semester 2016

Courses in Aarhus

Glacial Geology and Sedimentology (10 ECTS), see course description

The aim of the course is an introduction into glacial geological and sedimentological processes in the context of big Pleistocene ice sheets. Lectures include both qualitative and quantitative analysis of glacial erosion, transport and deposition.

Long Range Transport of Contaminants to the Arctic (5 ECTS), see course description

This course focuses on contaminant transport from mid-latitude sources to the Arctic via oceanic and atmospheric pathways.



Mineral resources in the Arctic: Environmental impacts and technologies (5 ECTS; AU, DTU), see course description

The aim of the course is to give the students the ability to assess the environmental impacts of natural resources extraction and to be able to suggest relevant technologies to prevent and mitigate environmental effects with special focus on Arctic conditions.