PhD projects

PhD scholarships in Greenland

Young scientists within all scientific fields can apply for the scholarships, which are intended for strengthening Danish-Greenlandic research cooperation.

More information (in Danish)

Application deadline 15 February 2017


Masters/Doctoral project: Remediation techniques for oil spills - CEOS, University of Manitoba

  • topic: test and develop techniques for remediation of oil spills in cold water where sea ice may be present
  • open until filled
  • more information Monika Pućko


Masters/Doctoral project: Remote sensing of freshwater in Hudson Bay - CEOS, University of Manitoba

  • topic changing physical, biological and biogeochemical conditions in Hudson Bay
  • open until filled
  • more information Jens Ehn


Masters/Doctoral project: Arctic Marine Cryospheric Chemistry - CEOS, University of Manitoba

  • examine freezing-temperature chemical and biogeochemical processes of contaminants and carbon across the Arctic sea ice environment
  • available immediately
  • more information Feiye Wang