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Publications and acknowledgements

PURE is AU's publication and activities registration system. It is obligatory to register publications as these provide the basis for key figures about AU and partly determine funding allocated to AU. Also, your staff homepage retrieves data from PURE, and therefore, you should continuously add new publications and relevant research activities to your PURE profile (the system allows you to hide publications which have not yet been accepted or published).

As a minimum, you should register:

  • Publications and activities
  • Research areas
  • CV


ARC-related vs. non-ARC-related publications

Once ARC has been added to your AU profile, ARC will by default appear in your PURE profile. As an ARC employee/affiliate, please include ARC as an affiliation on your Arctic publications.

When registering non-Arctic publications in PURE (for those who do non-Arctic research as well), you can remove the ARC affiliation by clicking on the ‘–‘ next to ARC on that specific publication.

How to list your ARC affiliation (only ARC-related publications)

For every ARC publication, please indicate your affiliation with ARC and include an acknowledgement to ASP as well as relevant funding agencies:

  1. Department of [eg. Bioscience], Aarhus University, Arctic Research Centre, [local address], Denmark
  2. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Arctic Research Centre (ARC), Aarhus University. 'Text here for unique contributions from other sources such as the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC), FNU, MST, ENS etc'. This work is a contribution to the Arctic Science Partnership (ASP).

If you don’t register publications in PURE yourself, please advise the person who does it for you.

Publications do not automatically appear on the ARC website, so please send information about your publications to Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen.

Remember to use the ARC logo on posters and other presentations. You can download the logo here.