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Botany in the Godthåbsfjord

We just returned from botanical field work in the innermost part of Godthåbsfjorden. We inventoried plants in 108 new permanent plots. Over the last two years, we obtained similar data from four other locations further east. This field work enables us to describe the influence of the altitude and degree of continentality on the composition of plant species in western Greenland. By relating the species composition to environmental variables, the data allows us to make predictions about how plant communities will be affected by climate changes.


Jacob Nabe-Nielsen (PI), Aarhus University
Louise Imer Nabe-Nielsen, Aarhus University
Signe Normand, Swiss Federal Research Institute
Urs Treier, Swiss Federal Research Institute
Mads C. Forchhammer, Aarhus University

For more information, contact Jacob Nabe-Nielsen