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Climate and climate change influence the ice on Greenland

Ice basecamp - approx. 2.5 km from the ice edge. Photo: Jesper Sørensen
Friendly relaxation in the camp after a long day. Photo: Jesper Sørensen

Climate and climate change influence the ice on Greenland, but the ice also influences the climate and thereby the whole ecosystem. To understand these interactions and effects of climate changes and a reduced ice cover, the project ICE RETREAT investigates terrestrial ecosystems in ISUA, north of Godthåbsfjorden at various distances from the ice edge.

Part of ICE RETREAT focuses on the soil fauna, primarily collembolans, which are to be investigated in the gathered soil samples. The soil fauna plays an important role for the turnover of nutrients and therefore significantly affects the other components of the ecosystem.

All the samples gathered from the two localities have been extracted and are ready to be analysed for micro- arthropods (e.g. mites and collembolans). Moss and lichen samples have been extracted in alcohol to identify the associated animal life using molecular identification (so-called genetic ‘bar codes’).

Project participants:

Martin Holmstrup, Aarhus University
Poul Henning Krogh, Aarhus University
Jesper Sørensen, Aarhus University

For more information, contact Poul Henning Krogh