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Exchange of heat, water and salinity in the Godthåbsfjord

Photo: Søren Rysgaard
Photo: Søren Rysgaard

We conducted the first measurements of the exchange of heat, water and salinity at the entrance to Godthåbsfjord. Moorings were deploying off Godthåbsfjord to record continuous measurements year round from the relatively shallow shelf area. In addition several with hydrographic sections made within the area. Our measurements will determine the seasonal variation of coastal water masses and their role in the formation of the intermediate water masses in the fjord. We know that dense coastal inflows are important for the renewal of the Bottom Water mass in the fjord, but the actual processes generating these inflows are less well understood. Our continuous measurements in the project will therefore contribute to our understanding of the nature of these events, and whether these are specific for Godthåbsfjord or are of general nature.

Søren Rysgaard, University of Manitoba, Canada
John Mortensen, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Greenland
Jørgen Bendtsen, ClimateLab, Denmark
Bert Rudels, University of Helsinki, Finland
Igor Dmentrinko, University of Manitoba, Canada
Lorenze Meire, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Greenland

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