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Fjord gradients

Photo: Rikke Reisner Hansen
Photo: Rikke Reisner Hansen

We collected insects in various sites along the Godthaabsfjord in Southwest Greenland. At each site, we focused on a setup which will enable us to describe insect communities along different gradients, with the specific aim of modeling how future climate changes will affect species richness and distribution. Our main target organisms were wolf spiders, beetles and butterflies, but we employed methods which would capture as much of the full biodiversity as possible (e.g. Active hand collecting, Malaise traps, pitfall traps and window traps).


Toke Høye, Aarhus Universitet
Rikke Reisner Hansen, Aarhus University
Oskar Liset Pryds Hansen, Aarhus University
Signe Normand, Swiss Federal Research Institute
Urs Treier, Swiss Federal Research Institute

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