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Identifying factors that drive seasonal and spatial patterns in marine primary production in Greenland coastal waters

Photos: Kasper Hancke

During the growth season of 2013 a multi-disciplinary team of researchers conducted cruises in the Godthaabsfjord to study temporal and spatial variations of the factors regulating pelagic primary production. In May, August and October, GCRC’s R/V Sanna facilitated studies of the influence of light and nutrients on primary production using 14-C incubations, and O2  net and gross production. In September, a suite of methodological approaches to estimate new and regenerated production, net and gross production, particulate and dissolved production and production and re-mineralization of carbon were employed. Techniques included 14C, O2 and variable fluorescence techniques. Results were compared to in situ C-14 incubations from the Marine-basic monitoring program. The project will continue in Young Sound in 2014.


Tage Dalsgaard, Aarhus University
Lorenz Meire, Greenland Climate Research Centre
Jens Weinell, Greenland Climate Research Centre
Kasper Hancke, University of Southern Denmark
Mikael Sejr, Aarhus University
Kitte Linding Gerlich, Aarhus University
Thomas Juul-Pedersen, Greenland Climate Research Centre

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