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Intertidal studies in Upernavik

Photo: Martin Blicher
Photo: Jakob Thyrring
Photo: Martin Blicher

A team of researchers from Arctic Research Centre and Greenland Climate Research Centre spent two weeks conducting comparative field studies of the intertidal zone in the fjords around Upernavik. Investigations were carried out on board ‘SANNA’ – a new research vessel owned by Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. The team collected data on diversity, biomass and species composition of the intertidal zone. Similar studies were carried out in 2011 (South Greenland) and 2012 (Disko Bay and Uummannaq). Together, these data will form the first-ever dataset, describing the structure of the intertidal ecosystem along the North-South climate gradient of West Greenland. Results will show changes to the ecosystem and population structure along the climate gradient and thus reveal the effects of the Arctic warming on the coastal ecosystems.


Martin Blicher, Greenland Climate Research Centre
Susse Wegeberg, Aarhus University
Jakob Thyrring, Aarhus University

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