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Limnic ecosystem patterns and processes near retreating glaciers

Photo: Ewan Shilland
Photo: Ewan Shilland

During the summer of 2013, ten researchers, PhD students and technicians sampled water and lake sediment in the area north of Godthåbsfjorden and near Kobbefjord. By analyzing physical, chemical and biological variables in the lakes and compare them to physical-chemical variables and biological remains in different sediment layers from deep lakes, we can evaluate the response of the lakes to former cold and warm periods, where the ice expanded and retreated. The results will be compared with results from the area near the Ilulissat-glacier plus areas in Northern Greenland in order to evaluate climate signals.


Erik Jeppesen, Aarhus University
Frank Landkildehus, Aarhus University
Tommy Silberg, Aarhus University
Thomas Davidson, Aarhus University
Feizhou Chen, Aarhus University
Zhengwen Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Peng Xing, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jesper Olsen, Aarhus University
Ewan Shilland, University College London
Torben Lauridsen, Aarhus University

For more information, contact Erik Jeppesen or Jesper Olsen