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Linking primary producers to top-predators: The role of capelin and sandeel in the Godthåbsfjord area

Catch of the day – sandeel from Fyllas Bank. Photo: Nathalie Danielsen.
A very happy M.Sc. student, Nathalie, with a good catch of sandeel. Photo: Peter Grønkjær

Capelin and sandeel are zooplanktorous fishes that in other areas are important for the transfer of energy from zooplankton to the highest trophic levels. Due to their life-history, short-lived and highly fecund, their population dynamics are heavily impacted by changes in the oceanographic conditions. Spatial and interannual changes in their growth and condition (e.g. lipid content) are likewise dictated by prey availability and oceanographic conditions, especially temperature. Consequently, their value as prey for top predators varies spatially and temporally. This project investigates the ecology of these species in West Greenland waters and the variability in the population dynamics and nutritional value of these fishes. Fishing for sandeel and capelin is done during three field campaigns in May, August and September 2013.


Scientist Martin Blicher, GCRC, mabl@natur.gl
Scientist Rasmus Hedeholm, GINR, rahe@natur.gl
Scientist Malene Simon, GINR, masi@natur.gl
M.Sc. student Nathalie Danielsen, AU, nat_sophie@hotmail.com
Asc. Prof. Peter Grønkjær, AU, peter.groenkjaer@biology.au.dk (PI)

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