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Movement patterns of muskoxen in the world’s largest national park

Photo: Lars H. Hansen/arc-pic.com
Photo: Lars H. Hansen/arc-pic.com

The musk ox is the largest herbivore in the Arctic, and the only large herbivore in Northeast Greenland. This project has successfully mounted GPS-collars on female musk oxen at Zackenberg, located in the world’s largest national park in Northeast Greenland. Whilst the movements and behavior of muskoxen during summer in the valley is well-documented, so far we have only very limited data on their space-use and activity patterns during the long, dark winter period. Hence, the location data obtained in this project will allow us to follow the muskoxen year round. Besides mounting the collars on the muskoxen, we also collected a number of samples that will shed light on the health status of wild muskoxen from the high arctic.

Niels M. Schmidt (PI), Aarhus University
Carsten Grøndahl, Copenhagen Zoo
Jesper Bruun Mosbacher, Aarhus University
Mikkel Stelvig, Copenhagen Zoo
Lars H. Hansen, Aarhus University

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