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Snow in Kobbefjord

Stine digging snow pit. Photo: Stine Højlund Pedersen
Depth hoar crystals on 2mm grid found in the snowpack. Photo: Stine Højlund Pedersen

In March 2013 we collected snow cover observations in Kobbefjord valley area and at Akia, both locations are situated in the Godthåbsfjord system. We did manual snow depths measurements in transects travelling through the landscape and dug numerous snow pits to obtain the snow density and snow depth to calculate the water content of the snow cover. The collected data are used as validation of model outputs from a spatially distributed snow-evolution system, SnowModel, we have implemented in the area. SnowModel outputs a range snow cover parameters which enable a description of the snow distribution both temporally and spatially in the low-Arctic ecosystem. The geographical extent of the data collection was limited by extensive and abrupt snowmelt during two days with air temperatures up to 9.6 °C and mean wind speed up to 15 m/s in the beginning of the field campaign. We observed high frequency of depth hoar crystals in the snow pit profiles which indicates snowmelt and fast recrystallization within the snowpack.

Stine Højlund Pedersen, Aarhus University
Niels Martin Schmidt, Aarhus University
Mikkel P. Tamstorf, Aarhus University

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