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Green house gases dynamics in Young Sound

2014.03.03 | Egon Randa Frandsen

Date Tue 29 Apr Thu 03 Jul
Time 00:00    00:00
Location Daneborg, N.E. Greenland

This project aims to document how the physical and biogeochemical properties of sea ice affect the exchanges of major greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) across the double air-sea ice-ocean interface, as well to examine: 

  • The spatial and temporal distribution of melt ponds and their impact on the underlying sea ice and seawater and the related CO2 fluxes with the atmosphere (Nicolas Xavier Geilfus and Bruno Delille)
  • The the relative contribution of biological and abiotic processes to carbon dynamics and nitrogen dynamics (during melt ponds)? ( Heidi Sorensen)
  • The role of sea ice processes as a source or sink for atmospheric CH4 and N2O ( Odile Crabeck and Bruno Delille) 

PI: Søren Rysgaard

Project Lead: Nicolas-Xavier Geilfus

Environment, climate and energy, Arctic Research Centre