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Interaction between atmospheric processes and marine emissions of carbon

2013.02.05 | Egon Randa Frandsen

Date Mon 29 Apr Mon 13 May
Time 00:00    00:00
Location Kobbefjord, Nuuk, Greenland, May 1-15

Emissions of carbon containing substances like CO2, CH4 and VOCs including DMS from the marine surface have a climate impact through formation of aerosols or directly as greenhouse gas. Diminishing or change of structure of sea ice is expected to have an effect on the exchange of these carbon containing compounds and thus on the aerosol formation.

In the proposed project we will study the processes controlling the emission of the compounds and the atmospheric transformation processes leading to aerosol formation. We will study the effect of sea ice on the emissions.

In this study we will measure air-surface fluxes of CO2, CH4 and VOCs over water and ice surfaces adajacent with measurements of the carbon system in the water and ice (we need collaborators from the marine groups). Furthermore we will measure atmospheric particle distributions at high time resolution and particle composition at different size fractions.

PI: Lise Lotte Sørensen

Arctic Research Centre, Environment, climate and energy