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Underwater Eddy Correlation Measurements of Ice-Ocean Heat and Mass Exchange

2013.03.19 | Egon Randa Frandsen

Date Mon 04 Mar Wed 17 Apr
Time 00:00    00:00
Location Kobbefjord, Nuuk, Greenland

We will study the exchange of salt, heat, and oxygen between sea ice and the underlying seawater using eddy correlation.  Measurement of ice-ocean oxygen exchange will allow us to non-destructively measure net ecosystem exchange, which will support other primary production estimates made by K. Campbell.  Measurements of heat exchange will allow for estimation of ice melt/growth, which will contribute to an understanding of the under-ice habitat for sea ice algae.  Measurements of salt exchange will improve our understanding of solute cycling through the sea ice, contributing to a better understanding of ice algae nutrient supply, and ice-ocean-atmosphere connections.

PI: Brent Else

Arctic Research Centre, Environment, climate and energy