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Arctic Offshore Conference 2014 – Aarhus Interdisciplinary Arctic Initiative

ARTS/BSS organize Interdisciplinary Arctic Conference November 27-28, 2014.

2014.10.03 | Mia Korsbæk

Date Thu 27 Nov Fri 28 Nov
Time 10:00    17:00
Location AIAS, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, at the Auditorium
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Arctic oil platform

As climate change is dramatically affecting the Arctic environment, the region is witnessing substantial new development opportunities in sectors like fossil energy oil, gas and renewable energies (e.g. wind power, hydroelectricity and geothermal power). Complex challenges simultaneously arise in terms of environmental protection, health and social issues in regions where indigenous peoples and civil participation in decision-making on public issues is still evolving.

Arctic societies are as a consequence facing crucial governance questions. Interdisciplinary research is a key answer to provide innovative ideas on how to allow for local and regional opportunities to prosper while a sustainable Arctic and global development is favoured.

This is the background for the  forthcoming interdisciplinary Arctic Conference at AU, Aarhus University, 27-28 November 2014.

The conference is part of the ARC (Arctic Research Center) activities: the Knud Rasmussen Lectures. Read more about ARC

Focus of the conference

The focus of the conference will be on regulatory governance of offshore activities, with an emphasis on risks of oil spill in the Arctic seas. The Beaufort Sea Exploration Joint Venture will stand as a case study for comparative approaches.

Keynote speaker

Timo Koivurova, Director for the Northern Institute for Environmental and Minority Law, Arctic Centre/University of Lapland, will be keynote speaker at this event.

Other presenters with expertise on the Arctic region from both Aarhus University and international institutions will be coming from a wide spectrum of disciplines such as political science, law, anthropology, bioscience, health etc.  


The organizers of the Conference are Cécile Pelaudeix, Assistant Professor at ARC, AU and Ellen Margrethe Basse, Professor of Law at AU. Mia Korsbæk, Project Secretary at ARC, is in charge of the administrative organisation. 

Time, place and programme
4 sessions are planned for the two-days conference on 27-28 November 2014 that will be hosted at AIAS, Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies, Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 6B, at the Auditorium:

  • Session 1 – The interaction between the private actors and the governmental arena in regulatory processes and promoting capacity building.
  • Session 2 – Governance and scientific knowledge regarding environmental, health and social issues.
  • Session 3 – International regulatory framework and domestic law: setting and implementing best practices.
  • Session 4 – Policy-makers and regulatory governance: democracy and legitimacy issues at stake.

The discussion at the conference will address existing and emerging knowledge and governance gaps in the developing field of offshore activities in the Arctic. It is the ambition that this conference will facilitate future interdisciplinary cooperation creating pathways to action by strengtheningthe knowledge base for governance and political decision-making.

All interested are welcome to attend the Interdisciplinary event. There will be lunch and coffee both days. Please register at the webshop here




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