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Arctic Seminar Series: David Barber

Prof David Barber from University of Manitoba is visiting ARC in June-July. He will give a talk on Climate forcing of sea ice.

2016.06.02 | Susanna Pakkasmaa

Date Thu 09 Jun
Time 14:00 15:30
Location Arctic Research Centre

Climate Forcing of Sea Ice - David Barber


The Arctic climate is changing and this forces sea ice dynamic and thermodynamic processes in very complex ways.  This forcing is a function of both space and time scales and the consequences of this change permeate the entire Arctic system, with teleconnections to temperate and even tropical parts of our planet. 

In this presentation I review findings from my group that span the micrometer to 1000 km scale in terms of how various scales of climate forcing affect the geophysics of sea ice. I review the consequences of these changes on the Arctic system and provide some projections for the rate of change we can expect in the coming decades.


In this part of the talk I will review marine science research results from the Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) at the University of Manitoba from the context of change and variability in sea ice at a range of space and time scales. I will introduce the audience to the work of over 100 CEOS researchers all focused on understanding how the Arctic marine system is changing at a ‘system level’ in terms of biological, chemical and physical oceanography; geophysics; climate and extreme weather.  The Arctic Science Partnership (ASP) between Denmark, Greenland and Canada is the primary international network within which our science is conducted. 

I will conclude my talk with a summary of upcoming opportunities in Canada pertinent to ASP – namely: the new Churchill Marine Observatory, the Hudson Bay System Study (BaySys), the Amundsen, the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) program, The Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program, the new Canadian Arctic Institute, and the Baffin Bay Observing System (BBOS).


Dr. Barber obtained his Bachelors (1981) and Masters (1987) from the University of Manitoba, and his PhD (1992) in Arctic Climatology from the University of Waterloo, Ontario. He received a Canada Research Chair in Arctic System Science in 2002. He is currently  Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Environment, the University of Manitoba.

Arctic Research Centre
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