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International Seagrass Biology Workshop: Securing a future for seagrass

The International Seagrass Biology Workshop is the only international meeting specifically tailored to seagrass scientists, professionals and students

2016.10.16 | Susanna Pakkasmaa

Date Sun 16 Oct Fri 21 Oct
Time 09:00    17:00
Location Nant Gwrtheyrn, Wales, UK

Securing a future for seagrass

We as scientists know the devastating effects that humanity is having on our worlds seagrass meadows.

Although much work is needed to keep documenting, understanding and highlighting the problems facing seagrass we as a research community need to also provide a voice of optimism about how we can make changes to ensure survival of these precious ecosystems.

We must go beyond science, and use it to inform policy and management, and ultimately to catalyze change. We know that there are many examples of this, from stakeholder led management and successful restoration to improvements in water quality and the management of boating activities.

We encourage participants to contribute stories of seagrass conservation success in order to strengthen this theme. We also encourage submission of research stories that aim to provide evidence to make future successes.

The workshop therefore has 4 key themes that will form the structure of the sessions held throughout the week. These are:   

  • resilience and a changing environment
  • ecosystem services
  • restoration and management
  • raising the profile of seagrass meadows

Workshop web page

Dorte Krause-Jensen from ARC organizes a workshop on Seagrass Ecosystem Resilience and Global Change - A Systematic Review and Expert Opinion Survey

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