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ARC bi-weekly meeting

2019.12.09 | Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen

Date Tue 21 Apr
Time 12:30 13:30
Location ARC, Ole Worms Allé 1, Building 1135, Meeting room 1135-412

Since ARC now has moved to 1130-1135 and the video conference system also has moved the meetings will take place in building 1135 room 412 in Aarhus from now.

We have also booked the room C2.00 in Roskilde for ARC meetings and will join the ARC meeting in Aarhus on virtuelt meeting room 1011.

You can also still join from your personal PC on vmeet as described below.

You can respond on this meeting request once to have it in your calendar. No need for specific request on each meeting. Just show up when it fit in your calendar. If you are in doubt on a particular meeting - visit the ARC homepage (https://arctic.au.dk) front page and check under ARC events. Meetings are always shown here.

Standard agenda:

  1. Science
    1. Info from WP leads
    2. Greenland Gradients
    3. Other projects
  2. Logistic/administration/labs
  3. Outreach

 There are three options to join this meeting:

  1. Show up in the meeting room Ole Worms Allé 1, Building 1135-412
  2. Show up in the meeting room in Roskilde C2.00 and connect to meeting ID 1011
  3. Show up in the virtual meeting room at vmeet.au.dk – meeting ID: 1011



Please check your microphone and web camera before the meeting

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