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Seminar: Biodegradation of dispersed oil in temperate and cold seawater

Seminar by Odd Gunnar Brakstad, SINTEF Ocean, Trondheim, Norway

2019.04.05 | Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen

Date Wed 10 Apr
Time 13:30 15:00
Location Munkegade 114, Building 1540, meeting room 1540-116


Biodegradation of crude oil in seawater (SW) is mainly associated with small droplet dispersions and solubilized compounds. Efficient treatment of oil spills with chemical dispersants may therefore enhance oil biodegradation. At SINTEF, we have performed biodegradation studies of chemically dispersed oil, but also with oil immobilized to hydrophobic adsorbents. A variety of studies have been performed with oils of different properties, local SW with different temperatures, as well as SW from different sources. Lately, the studies have also included biodegradation of aggregated oil (oil-related marine snow), as well as studies in frazil and solid marine ice. The studies have included both determinations of biotransformation rates and microbial communities associated with degradation. The work performed has mainly been conducted in close collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

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