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An abandoned mine at Qullissat (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Qllissat_2.jpg).

2014.02.28 | Arctic Research Centre

Historical experiences and contemporary lessons from Qullissat

By Pelle Tejsner (PhD social-anthropology, ARC/ARTS)

Photo: Pelle Tejsner

2014.02.19 | Arctic Research Centre

Introduction of Pelle Tejsner

Pelle Tejsner has just been appointed assistant professor for the humanities initiative within climate change studies at the Arts Section of the Arctic Research Centre. His research focuses on Greenland trappers’ adaptation strategies to climate change, nature and environmental management as well as the original people’s rights in connection with…

2014.02.14 | Arctic Research Centre

Arctic biodiversity under serious threat from climate change

Climate change caused by human activities is by far the worst threat to biodiversity in the Arctic. Some of these changes are already visible, according to a new report prepared by 253 scientists led by Dr Hans Meltofte of Aarhus University.