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Photo: Rune Dietz

2014.05.19 | Arctic Research Centre

ARC article among the Top10 most cited papers in CELL

Polar bear separated from the brown bear into an independent species less than 500,000 years ago. Photo: Rune Dietz
Polar bears tolerate a very high-fat diet without getting thrombosis and calcified arteries. Analyses of polar bear genes can hopefully be used to elucidate one of our biggest health problems. Photo: Rune Dietz
The majority of the samples come from the Greenland catches of polar bear, among other locations Scoresbysund on the picture from where the best Arctic time series come. Photo: Rune Dietz

2014.05.09 | Arctic Research Centre

From brown to white – evolution of the polar bear

Genetic research reveals when the polar bear became an independent species and provides important hints to understand cardiovascular diseases