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2015.01.27 | Arctic Research Centre

Climate change redistributes fish species at high latitudes

For millions of years, large parts of the marine biotas of the North Atlantic and North Pacific have been separated by harsh climate conditions in the Arctic. A new study, just published in Nature Climate Change, underlines that climate change has begun to weaken this natural barrier promoting the interchange of fishes between the two oceans along…

2015.01.27 | Environment, climate and energy

Polar bear penis bone may be weakened by pollution

First climate change, now penile fracture – polar bears have got it pretty rough. Chemical pollutants may be reducing the density of the bears' penis bones, putting them at risk of breaking this most intimate part of their anatomy.

2015.01.13 | Arctic Research Centre

Security and governance in the global Arctic: Nordic and international perspectives

Matchpoint seminar Aarhus University, 12-13 November, 2015

2015.01.13 | Arctic Research Centre

Ig nobel prize winner in Arctic science visits Aarhus

Have you ever wondered how reindeer react to seeing humans who are disguised as polar bears? No? But someone has. Professor Egil Reimers now visits Aarhus to tell about the research that earned him the Ig Nobel prize in arctic science 2014.

Foto: Lars Holst Hansen

2015.01.07 | Arctic Research Centre

Selvstyret ønsker fortsat forskning i Nordøstgrønland

Naalakkersuisut har meddelt den danske stat, at selvstyret forsat ønsker at samarbejde om forskningsstationen Zackenberg i Nordøstgrønland