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Muskoxen. Photo Lars Holst Hansen, Aarhus University.

2016.04.21 | Arctic Research Centre

Show me your rump hair and I will tell you what you ate

New research reveals the dietary history of muskoxen in Greenland

The Danish Defence operates in the Arctic throughout the year. Exchange of data and information between them and researchers benefits all involved parts. Photo: Defence Centre for Operational Oceanography.

2016.04.14 | Arctic Research Centre

More cooperation between Arctic scientists and the Danish Defence

Danish Defence has expertise within oceanography, meteorology, hydrography and remote sensing

2016.04.08 | Arctic Research Centre

Newsletter from Arctic Research Centre

Arctic workshop, climate change, upcoming events and more

Mountain avens (Dryas integrafolia) is a common flowering plant in the Arctic. Photo Rikke R Hansen.

2016.04.06 | Arctic Research Centre

Climate influences the interactions between species in the Arctic

Long-term monitoring of plants, insects and birds in northeast Greenland shows earlier spring arrival