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Ladybird Coccinella transversoguttata occurs in dwarf shrub heaths in Greenland. Photo Rikke R Hansen

2016.07.19 | Arctic Research Centre

Vegetation and moisture shape Arctic arthropod communities

ARC researchers document small scale variation in Arctic spider and beetle communities in fen, heath and tundra habitats

Arctic field work. Photo Tage Dalsgaard.

2016.07.18 | Arctic Research Centre

Student opportunities at CEOS, University of Manitoba

Several Masters and Doctoral projects available for highly motivated candidates

Kittiwake (Rissa tridactyla) is a common gull species in the North Atlantic Ocean. Photo Morten Frederiksen.

2016.07.13 | Arctic Research Centre

Master projects on Greenland kittiwakes

Study migration and distribution patterns of kittiwakes in Greenland

2016.07.11 | Arctic Research Centre

Greenland close to economic collapse

Professor in economy Torben M. Andersen from Aarhus University gives Greenland three years to get the mining industry or tourism running. Otherwise, the country will experience mass exodus.

2016.07.07 | Arctic Research Centre

Excellent evaluation of 2015

ARC has received an excellent evaluation of the 2015 annual report

2016.07.07 | Arctic Research Centre

north2north scholarships for Staff and Faculty

Application deadline 15 August