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Climatic change in the UK, 1960–2012. a) Long-term changes in air temperature and precipitation, b) Examples of spatial variation in the extent of long-term climatic changes are shown
for March air temperatures. Source Thackeray et al, Nature

2016.06.30 | Arctic Research Centre

Climate change reshuffles wildlife calendar

New research published in Nature shows that climate sensitivity can lead to the desynchronization of seasonal events among plants and animals

Mountain avens (Dryas integrifolia) is a common Arctic dwarf shrub. © Rikke R Hansen

2016.06.29 | Arctic Research Centre

Newsletter from Arctic Research Centre June 2016

ARC secretariat wishes you a great summer!

Professor Søren Rysgaard tells about climate change to US Secretary of State John Kerry, Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen, Greenlandic Prime Minister Kim Kielsen and Greenlandic Minister for Foreign Affairs Vittus Qujaukitsoq in Ilulissat. Photo KNR.

2016.06.20 | Arctic Research Centre

Søren Rysgaard guides John Kerry in Greenland icefjord

US Secretary of State John Kerry witnessed climate change in Greenland

Muskox, the largest herbivore in the Arctic. Photo Lars Holst Hansen, Aarhus University.

2016.06.19 | Arctic Research Centre

Predators and vegetation determine the distribution of herbivores in the Arctic

New research from ARC sheds light on Arctic biodiversity patterns

Photo Lars Holt Hansen, Aarhus University.

2016.06.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Sitting on gold and Perspectives on skills

New anthology and a report on informally acquired skills in Greenland

2016.06.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Isaaffik2 launched

A new version of the web portal Isaaffik Arctic Gateway

Prof David Barber. Photo University of Manitoba.

2016.06.07 | Arctic Research Centre

David Barber visiting ARC in June-July

Prof Barber is a Arctic marine scientist with a focus on climate forcing of sea ice

2016.06.02 | Arctic Research Centre

Arctic sea ice at a record low

Sea ice in the Arctic Ocean is at a record low for this time of year, as monthly temperature records soar around the world