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Muskoxen. Photo Lars Holst Hansen, Aarhus University.

2016.10.19 | Arctic Research Centre

Climate change threatens the existence of Arctic musk oxen

Rising temperatures are making Arctic musk oxen struggle so much to find food that their very existence could soon be threatened.

2016.10.17 | Arctic Research Centre

Zackenberg Research Station on new stamps

Two Greenlandic stamps picture research at Zackenberg

Shahnaj Begum, researcher at the Faculty of Education, University of Lapland, visited Aarhus in September.

2016.10.13 | Arctic Research Centre

north2north mobility from Lapland to Aarhus

Shahnaj Begum from University of Lapland visited Aarhus University under the north2north programme and met ARC scientists.

Mountain avens (Dryas integrifolia) is a common Arctic dwarf shrub.

2016.10.02 | Arctic Research Centre

Flies are the key pollinators of the High Arctic

A new study by researchers from Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Canada finds that small flies related to our common house fly drive the pollination services across the Arctic.

Inukshuk is the traditional symbol of the Inuit culture, an important part of the ArcticNet meeting. © Susanna Pakkasmaa

2016.10.01 | Arctic Research Centre

Newsletter from Arctic Research Centre September 2016

New partner in ASP, new students, news from the field and other events