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2019.07.11 | Arctic Research Centre

Exploring Spatial Heterogeneity of Antarctic Sea Ice Algae Using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Mounted Irradiance Sensor

New publication by Forrest AL, Lund-Hansen LC, Sorrell BK, Bowden-Floyd I, Lucieer V, Cossu R, Lange BA and Hawes I

2019.07.07 | Arctic Research Centre

Deep Penetration of Kelps Offshore Along the West Coast of Greenland

New publication by Krause-Jensen D, Sejr MK, Bruhn A, Rasmussen MB, Christensen PB, Hansen JLS, Duarte CM, Bruntse G and Wegeberg S

2019.07.07 | Arctic Research Centre

Toward a Coordinated Global Observing System for Seagrasses and Marine Macroalgae

New publication by Duffy JE, et al.