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2020.01.28 | Arctic Research Centre

Green Edge ice camp campaigns: understanding the processes controlling the under-ice Arctic phytoplankton spring bloom

New publication by Philippe Massicotte, Rémi Amiraux, Marie-Pier Amyot, Philippe Archambault et al.

2020.01.27 | Arctic Research Centre

Macrophyte performance in a low arctic lake: effects of temperature, light and nutrients on growth and depth distribution

New publication by Lauridsen, Torben Linding; Mønster, Tina; Raundrup, Katrine; Nymand, Josephine; Olesen, Birgit

2020.01.27 | Arctic Research Centre

Microbial carbon and nitrogen processes in high-Arctic riparian soils

New publication by Pastor, Ada; Poblador, Sílvia; Skovsholt, Louis J.; Riis, Tenna

2020.01.27 | Arctic Research Centre

Monitoring fungal communities with the Global Spore Sampling Project.

New publication by Ovaskainen, Otso; Abrego, Nerea; Somervuo, P.; Palorinne, Isabella; Hardwick, Bess; Pitkänen, J.M.; Andrew, Nigel R.; Niklaus, Pascal Alex; Schmidt, Niels Martin; Seibold, Sebastian; Vogt, Juliane; Zakharov, Evgeny V.; Hebert, Paul; Roslin, Tomas; Ivanova, Natalia V.

2020.01.25 | Arctic Research Centre

Persistent organic pollutants in Greenlandic pregnant women and indices of foetal growth - The ACCEPT study

New publication by Hjermitslev, Marie Harthøj; Long, Manhai; Wielsøe, Maria; Bonefeld-Jørgensen, Eva C

2020.01.25 | Arctic Research Centre

SPIKEPIPE: A metagenomic pipeline for the accurate quantification of eukaryotic species occurrences and intraspecific abundance change using DNA barcodes or mitogenomes

New publication by Ji, Y.; Huotari, Tea; Roslin, Tomas; Schmidt, Niels Martin; Wang, J.; Yu, Douglas W.; Ovaskainen, Otso

2020.01.25 | Arctic Research Centre

Factors affecting global flow of scientific knowledge in environmental sciences

New publication by Sonne, Christian; Dietz, Rune; Alstrup, Aage Kristian Olsen

2020.01.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Distribution of dinocyst assemblages in surface sediment samples from the West Greenland margin

New publication by Allan, Estelle; de Vernal, Anne; Krawczyk, Diana; Moros, Matthias; Radi, Taoufik; Rochon, André; Seidenkrantz, Marit Solveig; Zaragosi, Sébastien

2020.01.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Decreasing diversity of rare bacterial subcommunities relates to dissolved organic matter along permafrost thawing gradients.

New publication by Zhou, Lei; Zhou, Yongqiang; Yao, Xiaolong; Cai, Jian; Liu, Xin; Tang, Xiangming; Zhang, Yunlin; Jang, Kyoung Soon; Jeppesen, Erik.