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2021.04.22 | Arctic Research Centre

Element cycling and aquatic function in a changing Arctic

New publication by Peter J. Hernes, Suzanne E. Tank, Mikael K. Sejr, Ronnie N. Glud

2021.04.22 | Arctic Research Centre

The 2017 Mission Arctic Citizen Science Sailing Expedition Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth Profiles in Western Greenland and Baffin Bay

New publication by Daniel F. Carlson, Gareth Carr, J. L. Crosbie, Peter Lundgren, Nicolas Peissel, Pippa Pett, Will Turner and Søren Rysgaard

2021.04.21 | Arctic Research Centre

Evidence for influx of Atlantic water masses to the Labrador Sea during the Last Glacial Maximum

New publication by Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Antoon Kuijpers, Steffen Aagaard-Sørensen, Holger Lindgreen, Jesper Olsen & Christof Pearce

2021.04.21 | Arctic Research Centre

Comparative analysis of six common foraminiferal species of the genera Cassidulina, Paracassidulina, and Islandiella from the Arctic-North Atlantic domain

New publication by Alix G. Cage, Anna J. Pieńkowski, Anne Jennings, Karen Luise Knudsen, and Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz

2021.04.21 | Arctic Research Centre

Cross-icecap spring migration confirmed in a high-Arctic seabird, the Ivory Gull Pagophila eburnea

New publication by Morten Frederiksen, Olivier Gilg, Glenn Yannic

2021.04.21 | Arctic Research Centre

Resilience in Greenland intertidal Mytilus: The hidden stress defense

New publication by Melody S. Clark, Lloyd S. Peck, Jakob Thyrring

2021.04.09 | Arctic Research Centre

Global gradients in intertidal species richness and functional groups

New publication by Jakob Thyrring and Lloyd S Peck

2021.04.08 | Arctic Research Centre

Seasonal shifts of microbial methane oxidation in Arctic shelf waters above gas seeps

New publication by Friederike Gründger, David Probandt, Katrin Knittel, Vincent Carrier, Dimitri Kalenitchenko, Anna Silyakova, Pavel Serov, Bénédicte Ferré, Mette M. Svenning, Helge Niemann

2021.04.06 | Arctic Research Centre

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