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2021.02.24 | Arctic Research Centre

Baffin Bay Seminar Series

Organized by Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Nicole Wilson, Elizabeth Worden and Lauren Candlish, University of Manitoba as an Arctic Science Partnership Initiative.

2021.02.11 | Arctic Research Centre

Ansøg om støtte til skibstid i 2021

Dansk Center for Havforskning åbner nu op for ansøgninger om støtte til skibstid for kalenderåret 2021.

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

An under-ice bloom of mixotrophic haptophytes in low nutrient and freshwater-influenced Arctic waters

New publication by Dorte H. Søgaard, Brian K. Sorrell, Mikael K. Sejr, Per Andersen, Søren Rysgaard, Per Juel Hansen, Annaliina Skyttä, Signe Lemcke & Lars Chresten Lund-Hansen

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Nonlinear trends in abundance and diversity and complex responses to climate change in Arctic arthropods

New publication by Toke T. Høye, M. Koltz, Mark A. K. Gillespie, Joseph J. Bowden, and Niels M. Schmidt

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Fat, Furry, Flexible, and Functionally Important: Characteristics of Mammals Living in the Arctic

New publication by Niels M. Schmidt, Olivier Gilg, Jon Aars, Rolf A. Ims

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Shallow soils are warmer under trees and tall shrubs across Arctic and Boreal ecosystems

New publication by Heather Kropp, Michael M Loranty, Susan M Natali, Alexander L Kholodov et al.

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Seasonal variation of mercury contamination in Arctic seabirds: A pan-Arctic assessment

New publication by lCéline Albert, Hálfdán Helgi Helgason, Maud Brault-Favrou, Gregory J. Robertson et al.

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Review of plastic pollution policies of Arctic countries in relation to seabirds

New publication by Jannie F. Linnebjerg, Julia E. Baak, Tom Barry, Maria V. Gavrilo, Mark L. Mallory, Flemming R. Merkel, Courtney Price, Jakob Strand, Tony R. Walker, and Jennifer F. Provencher

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Expert assessment of future vulnerability of the global peatland carbon sink

New publication by Loisel, J., Gallego-Sala, A.V., Amesbury, M.J. et al

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

A risk assessment of the effects of mercury on Baltic Sea, Greater North Sea and North Atlantic wildlife, fish and bivalves

New publication by Rune Dietz, Jérôme Fort, Christian Sonne et al.

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

A Comparison of Decimeter Scale Variations of Physical and Photobiological Parameters in a Late Winter First-Year Sea Ice in Southwest Greenland

New publication by Lund-Hansen, Lars C.; Petersen, Clara M.; Søgaard, Dorte H.; Sorrell, Brian K.

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

The missing pieces for better future predictions in subarctic ecosystems: A Torneträsk case study

New publication by Pascual, Didac; Åkerman, Jonas; Becher, Marina; Callaghan, Terry V.; Christensen, Torben R. et al.

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

The Baltic Sea: An ecosystem with multiple stressors

New publication by R. Dietz, C. Sonne, B.M. Jenssen, et al.

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Century‐long records reveal shifting challenges to seagrass recovery

New publication by Dorte Krause‐Jensen , Carlos M. Duarte, Kaj Sand‐Jensen, Jacob Carstensen

2021.02.05 | Arctic Research Centre

Chromophoric dissolved organic matter in inland waters: Present knowledge and future challenges

New publication by Yunlin Zhang, Lei Zhou, Yongqiang Zhou, Liuqing Zhang, Xiaolong Yao, Kun Shi, Erik Jeppesen, Qian Yu, Weining Zhu

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