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2021.03.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Enzymatic conversion of pretreated lignocellulosic biomass: A review on influence of structural changes of lignin

New publication by Yequan Sheng, Su Shiung Lam, Yingji Wu et al.

2021.03.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Chromophoric dissolved organic matter in inland waters: Present knowledge and future challenges

New publication by Yunlin Zhang, Lei Zhou, Yongqiang Zhou et al.

2021.03.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Assessment of chemical mixtures using biomarkers of combined biological activity: A screening study in human placentas

New publication by Andrea Rodríguez Carrillo, Anna Kjerstine Rosenmai, Vicente Mustieles et al.

2021.03.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Set sustainable goals for the Arctic gateway coordinated international governance is required to resist yet another tipping point

New publication by Su Shiung Lam, Shin Ying Foong, Bernard HK Lee et al.

2021.03.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Meeting Paris agreement objectives will temper seabird winter distribution shifts in the North Atlantic Ocean

New publication by Manon Clairbaux, William W. L. Cheung, Paul Mathewson et al.

2021.03.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Annual air temperature variability and biotic interactions explain tundra shrub species abundance

New publication by Jonathan von Oppen, Signe Normand, Anne D. Bjorkman et al.

2021.03.15 | Arctic Research Centre

Effects of nitrate on phosphorus release from lake sediments

New publication by Shuo-Nan Ma, Hai-Jun Wang, Hong-ZhuWang et al.

2021.03.10 | Arctic Research Centre

Narhvalens tand afslører dyrets livsbetingelser

Hvert leveår bygges der et nyt vækstlag på narhvalens snoede tand. Disse enkelte lag fungerer som et arkiv af data, der afslører, hvad dyrene har spist og hvordan is- og miljøforholdene har været gennem dyrets op til 50-årige lange liv.

2021.03.09 | Arctic Research Centre

Temporal changes in size-at-maturity of black dogfish Centroscyllium fabricii

New publication by Rasmus Hedeholm, Trine Qvist, Julius Nielsen, Peter Grønkjær

2021.03.09 | Arctic Research Centre

Improving the age reading of East Greenland Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) by determining otolith growth zone timing and annuli widths

New publication by Mette Svantemann Lyngby, Frank Rigét, Anja Retzel, Rasmus Hedeholm, Peter Grønkjær

2021.03.09 | Arctic Research Centre

Intra-annual variation in feeding of Atlantic cod Gadus morhua: the importance of ephemeral prey bursts

New publication by Peter Grønkjær, Rasmus Ottosen, Thor Joensen, Lee Reeve, Einar E. Nielsen, Rasmus Hedeholm

2021.03.09 | Arctic Research Centre

Fundamental questions and applications of sclerochronology: Community-defined research priorities

New publication by Tamara Trofimova, Stella J. Alexandroff, Madelyn J.Mette et al.

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