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2019.04.26 | Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen

Dear NOW conference participants

We are very delighted to present the North Water Polynya White Paper that we have put together from all the extended abstracts that we received following the conference. The white paper is introduced by bringing the reader up to date on the scientific history of the polynya with links to the relevant presentations from the conference as well as to the scientific literature. The reader is also introduced to the essential questions raised and answered during the round table debate. The paper continues with all the chapters received from the conference presenters and ends with a summary of the round table debate and the workshop on “Needs for research coordination and planning”.

We find the report will be an excellent kickoff for newcomers to the field, whether based in management, politics or in the academic world. It can be downloaded at the conference webpage.

We hope that you will find the report valuable and distribute it in your network.

We would also like to remind you that all presentations were filmed during the conference and may be revisited here.

The conference white paper was sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

Sincerely yours,

Anders Mosbech and Line A. Kyhn

Arctic Research Centre