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WP3. Arctic ecosystems

This WP deals with Arctic marine, limnic, terrestrial and glaciological ecosystems. The WP is divided into two sub-work packages, one focusing on terrestrial environments, and one focusing on aquatic environments. In both sub-work packages, the focus is to understand the function and structure of Arctic ecosystem and how their biodiversity and associated biogeochemical processes are impacted by various climatic drivers. This will include investigations along existing environmental gradients and different scales, time series from the long-term monitoring programs such as the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring program and experimental approaches. The focus is to understand how climate variability affects Arctic ecosystems today and how they may change in the future due to climate change with respect to their function and how new incoming species will affect the system.

WP3a. Arctic terrestrial ecosystems. This sub-WP deals with terrestrial ecosystems, and is primarily focused on patterns and processes emerging from long-term monitoring programs such as the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring program. The sub-work packages will also target large-scale studies to unravel patterns and processes across vast environmental gradients. WP3a focuses specifically on biodiversity and biotic interactions as well as feedback mechanisms, within the biotic and abiotic compartments of the terrestrial ecosystems.

WP3a lead. Toke Thomas Høye (BIOS)

WP3b. Arctic aquatic ecosystems. This sub-WP deals with Arctic marine and limnic ecosystems with a focus on understanding how melting sea ice and glaciers may impact the associated aquatic systems. Studies rely and large scale latitudinal comparisons combined with detailed process studies at the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring sites. Focus areas include understanding factor that drive patterns of biodiversity, carbon flow and productivity in the coastal ocean surrounding Greenland. Challenges such as logistics, cruise time and external funding will be solved in close collaboration with WP2 and WP4 whenever appropriate.

WP3b lead. Mikael Sejr (BIOS)