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WP5. New technologies and innovation

This WP will focus on new technologic developments. Our work with the private sector will focus on how research can stimulate innovation, enhancing the two-way communications between our scientific and engineering teams and the practical implementation of the science and technology targeted directly at economic development in both Denmark, Greenland and internationally. The engagement with science and technology companies will lead to expanded access to international markets through international collaborations within our network, while demonstrating outcomes of the technology developed. ARC is well positioned to play an international leadership role in this concept of ‘putting scientific excellence to work for society’. In collaboration with end-users such as Royal Greenland, Arctic Marine transportation companies, the Arctic Council and the Arctic Economic Council, the Baffin Fisheries Coalition, space agencies (e.g., CSA, ESA, NASA) we will ensure that practical implementation of science targets, goals and impacts. Of particular significance is our rich history in developing and operating long-term monitoring programs. This will be taken beyond the state-of-the-art by building up a community-based monitoring (CBM) program in the Baffin Bay based on high-tech instrumentation and local operators.

WP5 lead. Claus Melvad (ENG)