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Arctic foxes and Arctic wolves run in the DHL relay

Two teams from ARC participate in the sports festival in Aarhus

MSc student Mette Mørup Schlütter is one of the runners in ARC's team Arctic wolves in the DHL relay.

Arctic foxes and Arctic wolves are the two ARC teams participating in this year’s DHL relay race on 18 August in Aarhus. Men compete in the Arctic foxes team, and women in the Arctic wolves team.

Mette Mørup Schlütter is a first-time runner in the Arctic wolves team. “It’s a huge motivation to do something together with your colleagues. I spend days and weeks in the office together with these people, and it’s so cool to do something social with them.”

Mette writes her MSc thesis in medical anthropology at Arctic Research Center. She has studied post-natal depression among mothers in Nuuk: "A lot of the studies on social circumstances in Greenland focus on negative aspects such as alcohol, domestic violence and suicide, but there is a low rate of post-natal depression among mothers in Nuuk. I focus on the women's strengths in their role as mothers, because I believe that positive change happens when you figure out your strengths rather than your weaknesses.”  

Positive thinking is also an essential part of the DHL relay. Mette Mørup Schlütter is looking forward to the race, but also continuing her research in Greenland: “I hope to continue my research, especially extending my focus to smaller towns in Greenland." 

DHL relay race is a huge event taking place on three consecutive days - 16-18 August - in Mindeparken in Aarhus. This year’s relay gathers together over 47.000 participants, making it the second largest motion event in Denmark, surpassed only by the DHL relay in Copenhagen. Aarhus University is one of the companies mobilizing a large number of runners. This year, altogether 432 teams and 2.160 runners have registered for the relay in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen.