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Arctic Inspiration Prize nominations

Do you have a plan to develop an innovative project that would have a real impact in northern communities?

The Arctic Inspiration Prize recognizes and promotes the extraordinary contribution made by teams in the gathering of Arctic knowledge and their plans to implement this knowledge to real world applications for the benefit of the Canadian Arctic, its Peoples and therefore Canada as a whole.

An immense territory of majestic beauty, the Canadian Arctic is home to a growing population of over 100,000 northern Canadians, with a majority of indigenous peoples with a millennial history and rich culture. Once considered as the last frontier, change and modernization are rapidly making the Arctic more accessible and the subject of increasing public, scientific, industrial and political interest.

Addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities of accelerating changes in the Arctic environment, culture, technology and economy require innovative approaches, mobilizing the best knowledge from various sources into concrete solutions.

The $1 million CAD Arctic Inspiration Prize is awarded annually. There are five equally important pillars that contribute to its ongoing success: the $1 million annual prize money, the teams who apply for and win the Prize, the distinguished Selection Committee and our remarkable, engaged Partners and Ambassadors.

Nomination deadline: 30 September

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