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Invitation to ARC annual meeting

ARC annual meeting 2016 takes place at Sandbjerg Estate on 23-24 November

Annual meeting 2015. Photo Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen.

Dear all

Welcome to ARC annual meeting at Sandbjerg Estate on 23-24 November 2016. We celebrate the achievements of the first 5 years of ARC, and plan ARC’s future.

The programme will contain presentations of Arctic research at all four faculties.

Awards for best film and best student poster. If you want to bring a film, please contact Lise Lotte Sørensen, and if you want to bring a poster, please contact Susanna Pakkasmaa.

Registration takes place via AU webshop latest on 31 October. Register here.

There will be buss transport from Aarhus and Roskilde.

Updates will be announced on ARC web page. For more information, please contact Susanna Pakkasmaa.

Kind regards,

Søren Rysgaard