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Isaaffik2 launched

A new version of the web portal Isaaffik Arctic Gateway

The ISAAFFIK logistics team proudly presents ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway version 2.

This new version contains a large number of improvements suggested by ISAAFFIK users since the original version was launched in April 2015. However, you will still easily recognize the portal, since its basic design has been kept unchanged.

Among the many new features and enhancements in this new version, we would like to mention:

  • New infrastructure map with an improved Arctic map projection
  • Improved map filter functions
  • News List at the front page – ready to slide in
  • Latest ISAAFFIK article always at the front page
  • Improved options for attaching photos, PDFs and other files to Travels, Articles and Events
  • Newsletter subscribe function with individual user options
  • Events calendar
  • Simplified user registration process, also available directly from the front page 
  • Improved search function
  • Archive function to browse Events and Travels
  • My Isaaffik page with individual user settings

The ISAAFFIK logistics team welcomes your improvement suggestions, comments, and questions at info@isaaffik.org.