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Special issue on the AMAP 2021 assessment of mercury in the Arctic

New publication by Rune Dietz, Simon Wilson ,Lisa L. Loseto et al.


This Editorial presents an overview of the Special Issue on advances in Arctic mercury (Hg) science synthesized from the 2021 assessment of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP). Mercury continues to travel to Arctic environments and threaten wildlife and human health in this circumpolar region. Over the last decade, progress has been achieved in addressing policy-relevant uncertainties in environmental Hg contamination. This includes temporal trends of Hg, its transport to and within the Arctic, methylmercury cycling, climate change influences, biological effects of Hg on fish and wildlife, human exposure to Hg, and forecasting of Arctic responses to different future scenarios of anthropogenic Hg emissions. In addition, important contributions of Indigenous Peoples to Arctic research and monitoring of Hg are highlighted, including through projects of knowledge co-production. Finally, policy-relevant recommendations are summarized for future study of Arctic mercury. This series of scientific articles presents comprehensive information relevant to supporting effectiveness evaluation of the United Nations Minamata Convention on Mercury.